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Animal Liberation Wave launches #StopDogMeat global campaign in the year of golden dog

- The government should unify the conflicting legal status of dogs to companion animal only
- Partnering with 'Last Chance for Animals(LCA)' to advance the international movement
- A nationwide display of dog statues, 'Flower Dog Project', taking place nationwide from February, 7th(Wed)

On January 31th(Wed), Animal Liberation Wave(ALW), in partnership with the international animal rights organization 'Last Chance for Animals(LCA)’, launched a global campaign to ban dog meat from South Korea. The campaign stared by opening up a petition page( and video against dog meat. It will continue putting out activities to build up public support for the ban.

Dogs, recognized as ‘companion animal’ by Animal Protection Act, are not labeled as ‘food’ according to the country’s Sanitary Control of Livestock Products Act. Regardless, the number of farms that systematically breed and raise dogs for meat reaches up to three thousand in the country(Ministry of Environment, 2017.6.22). A million are caged, slaughtered, and consumed inhumanely each year. Markets and restaurants that sell live dogs also operate to this day. The South Korean 'dog industry' of this kind is unique in the world.

ALW and LCA will strongly urge the South Korean government to change the legal status for dogs, which are considered as "livestock" and "companion animals" respectively by the Livestock Industry Act and the Animal Protection Act. The campaign will aim all dogs be considered as companion animals only and eventually ban the production and consumption of dogs meat following other Asian countries such as Taiwan and Philippines.

Jiyen Lee, the founder of ALW, said, "there has been a tendency in this country to consider dog meat issue as a matter of personal choice when in fact it is the government who is hugely responsible for exacerbating the problem by failing to formulate social consensus.” She added, “it is high time that a change is made to fit the current Korean society where 1 out of 5 nationals are living with dogs as companions.”

Meanwhile, ‘Flower Dog Project’ which is a nationwide display tour of 8 dog statues will be held from February 7th(Wed) as part of #StopDogMeat campaign. The public display go around the major cities in the country including Seoul(Gwanghwamun and the National Assembly) and Pyeongchang(Olympic Medal Plaza) along with citizen participatory photo op and press conference. Signing up for the event starts from January 31st(Wed), and detailed information can be found at ALW homepage (