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We take action for animal liberation and the abolition of speciesism.

Non-human animals, like humans, are sentient beings. The spirit of the age already dictates the reestablishment of the relationship between humans and animals for better coexistence. A just society does not justify the exploitation of the weak based on any difference in ability, class, ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual orientation. It does not treat equal beings unequally. With a wider moral horizon, the Animal Liberation Wave will spearhead the liberation of non- human animals that have been unequally incorporated into the capitalist system.

We take the lead in popularizing veganism.

Animal Liberation Movement requires a change in our lifestyle. The Animal Liberation Wave takes the lead in improving the Koreans’ understanding of and respect for veganism, which is a global trend. The members of ALW ought to be vegan rather than omnivores, and are expected to boycott animal products. But anyone who has the will to do so is eligible for membership in ALW.

We take into account the environmental sustainability of the planet Earth.

The industrial exploitation of non-human animals is closely linked to the major environmental problems that we face today. Especially, 1) expansion of farmland for meat consumption, 2) capturing of wild animals for human entertainment are the main causes for the decrease in biodiversity and acceleration of climate change. ALW members broaden the awareness of the environmental conservation of the planet Earth, which is the living space of both human and non-human animals.

We recognize that the establishment of animal rights is a positive change for humans and non-humans alike.

As we have seen in the national, workers’, women’s, and gay liberation movements among others, it is difficult to be aware of the ways in which we discriminate the oppressed until they are forcefully pointed out to us. The liberation of non-human animals, those voiceless creatures at the bottom of the social pyramid, shall require greater altruism than did any other liberation movement. Thus, it will be the triumph of true humanitarianism.

We support diversity and equality regardless of species, race, gender, age, class, etc.

Animal Rights or Animal Liberation Movement is to convince the society that the human attitude towards non-human animals is a form of prejudice akin to racism and sexism. ALW sets the abolition of speciesism as the ultimate goal, but it also prohibits any discrimination based on ethnicity, race, gender, age, class, among others; respects social minorities; and works towards a society that champions diversity.

We promote solidarity with relevant organizations and activists in order to strengthen the basis of social justice in general.

ALW mainly deals with the animal rights agenda. But based on our philosophy of promoting coexistence of all sentient beings, we promote solidarity and cooperation with human rights, environmental, and pacifist organizations, among others.

We seek social and policy changes through non-violent, pacifist, civil activism.

What changes the society and policies is ultimately a visible and strong “citizen power.” For this, all ALW members may take actions freely and flexibly. But under no circumstances, is violence allowed, and are groundless rumors or accusations to be fabricated and circulated. The responsibility for voluntary activities is on the individual and the individual only.

Animal Liberation Wave